About HnCC

HnCC or Hackathon and Coding Club is the official club of BIT Sindri that has the motto to instill a coding culture, collaborate, and arrange events relevant to Open Source, Graphics and Game Development, Web Development, App Development, and many other topics. Many students at the institute are doing well, but they can do even more if they get proper guidance. These students invariably maintain contact with a select lot of elite, wise seniors who act as mentors or friends. The purpose of HnCC is to provide an official platform for these efforts to encourage them by officially endorsing them and helping them surmount the hostel boundaries for a healthier and fruitful network.

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Establishing the right visual connection with your customers and users by creating eye-catching and memorable designs as well as meaningful user experience.

Websites and Platform

We design projects of different complexity and size. No matter if it is a simple single-page website or a complex admin panel with numerous dashboards - we make it visually pleasing, consistent, and user-friendly.

Mobile Applications

We don’t simply design beautiful interfaces but craft them in accordance with each platforms’ guidelines to make the use of our app intuitive.


We identify our brand by developing a logo, identity, , any mockups, and souvenir projects.

Design Concept

We’ll make a design concept for a site or mobile application to attract our audience and make our awesome project even more awesome.


Implementing our project with scalable architecture design, modern technology, and with the industry level workflow system.


We create web projects tailored exclusively with industry scales, be it a landing page, a complex web app to automate our processes or a high-load platform with sound backend architecture.

Native/Hybrid Apps

We build custom Android mobile apps using Java(Kotlin) and multiple cross platform (IoS and Andorid) mobile apps using React Native and Flutter.


We focus on developing and strengthening systems thinking, problem-solving, analysis, design, research, teamwork and readiness for lifelong learning in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep-Learning.

Open Source

Our mission is to create an environment where the benefits of open development enable students to collaborate and explore beyond the classroom.


Being Coding Club of a technical institution, we do pretty much everything and anything related to coding. Coding events, Workshops, Hackathons (48 hours non stop coding), contests are just to name a few. We believe in coding our problems away.

Competitve Coding

Competitive programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants are referred to as sport programmers.


Data structure and Algorithm (DSA) is applied in all disciplines of software development. DSA is the building block of the software development process. It is one of the most important section for placments.

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Our Associations

Google Developers Student Clubs, BIT Sindri
GeeksForGeeks Student Chapter, BIT Sindri
Codechef Student Chapter, BIT Sindri

Google Developer Student Club, BIT Sindri

Developer Student Club BITS is inspired by the Google Developers' Family. The motive is to create a local ecosystem of Developers in and around the Campus. And having fun doing it.

GeeksforGeeks Student Chapter, BIT Sindri

GeeksforGeeks Student Chapters are university based community chapters for students interested in Computer Science and other core technical competencies. By joining a GeeksforGeeks Student Chapter, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build effective and optimized solutions for local businesses and their community.

Codechef Chapter, BIT Sindri

CodeChef BIT Sindri Chapter, want to enhance the coding culture in our college and promote competitive programming. We want to encourage more and more students to deep dive into the field of competitive programming not just for the sake of getting placed in a product based company but to take up competitive programming for the fun of it.