About HnCC

Hackathon and Coding Club (HnCC) is the official coding and development club of BIT Sindri. It was started with an initial motto to inculcate and improve collaborative coding culture in college. Our team expanded slowly in numbers and the spectrum of activities we deal with, expanded broadly.

Our Activities

We organize a national level hackathon, Hackatron every year. The first version of this hackathon was held in 16th-17th November 2019. Checkout more at hackatron.hnccbits.com
Organize sessions related to various technology stacks such as Development, Open Source etc.
Host competitions related to coding and other tech domains throughout the year and Techfest, BIT Sindri
Develop real world projects and solve real world problems.Checkout our GitHub account at GitHub
We manage the official CodeChef Chapter of BIT Sindri, Dhanbad. See more about our coding culture at our official site contest.hnccbits.com

Our Events

BIT Code

A Monthly event of coding contest based on algorithms, data structures and problem solving.

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A web development contest for solving the general BIT Sindri problems. This contest helps all the students in boosting their productivity and innovation together with like-minded people.

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A coding competetion where participants get to engage themselves in showcasing their coding skills by solving a series of mind bending problems with ingenious algorithms.

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The Monsoon Code

The Monsoon Code 2020 in association with Codechef and TAP Cell, BIT Sindri was a short contest with problems varying from implementations to usage of algorithms.

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A Logo Re-Design competition conducted by the design team of hncc where one can showcase their creativity and imagination

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The event had four basic domains based on the platform for development, viz. App Development, Game Development, Web Development and Machine Learning implementations. This event went on for a month long journey of roller coaster ride of developing a real world application.

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HnCC BIT Sindri is here with a national level hackathon, "Hackatron" and aims to promote solutions which are hard to find. It comes with cash prizes worth Rs 55000 and cool swags.

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Linux Installation Drive

HnCC announces the commencement of ‘Linux Drive’ to celebrate the birthday of Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation & The GNU Project. We are ready to assist everyone who wants to get along with Open Source culture and wishes to contribute to it.

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Intro To OOPs

OOPS Concepts or Object-Oriented Programming Concepts are very important. Without having an idea about OOPS concepts, a developer will not be able to design systems in the object-oriented programming model.

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Python Workshop

The training will deliver visibly, with a demonstration of development. It is a week-long workshop in which you will learn how to implement what you've acquired into real-world projects and then implement what you've learned.

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ML Session

A session on Machine Learning: Beginner to Kaggle, is being organized on 1st March 2020(Sunday). Topics that will be covered are: Clustering, Regression, Classification, Exploratory Data Analytics. Attendees will be briefed from Scratch to participating in Kaggle Competitions.

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Python For ML

Python for Machine Learning was a session conducted on 15th Dec, 2019. Students were told about some tech stacks related to basic Python, Data Structures, NumPy, Pandas. Attendees were bombarded with funny questionnaires and were rewarded with exclusive HACKER_BLOCKS stickers.

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Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean in partnership with app write, deep source, intel. It is open to everyone in the global community.

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Women in Tech

HnCC brings forth a 3-days virtual event "WOMEN in TECH" which aims to spread awareness about beneficial women oriented programs and also guide them throughout in the tech field.

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